Leading Projects to the Goal Line

Introducing a planning solution is a project that requires coordination. In addition to the controlling department, colleagues from IT and various other departments (sales, regional managers, cost center managers, etc.) are involved in the project.

In addition, the project progress needs to be managed: regular oversight and feedback is needed on content, priorities, and workload.

Our project managers have years of experience with all aspects of project management. We can provide you with complete project management or work within your established project management structure.

Range of Services

  • Definition of goals
  • Definition of concept
  • Workshop: proof of concept
  • Ongoing project coordination (e.g. prioritizing tasks, controlling resources, and organizing tasks, such as recurring appointments)
  • Project motivation (including all stakeholders, training sessions, internal marketing)
  • Change management (dealing with changes in project scope)
  • Project documentation

How a Planning Project Works

A typical TN Planning project includes these milestones:

  1. Approval of rough concept
  2. Set up device interfaces to legacy systems
  3. Create prototype (possibly as part of a proof of concept)
  4. Installation
  5. Detailed concept
  6. Joint development of the planning solution
  7. Documentation
  8. Training
  9. Go live

Note: Steps 5-7 will be iteratively realized in the case of a Scrum project (see next section).

Agile Project Development

Typically we develop our solutions in close coordination with our customers. The building process involves continually refining and developing the model, which is based on a prototype. Agile methods have also been established. Expense budgets are usually set up with the customer. Then they are implemented in increments. Every two weeks, we usually define what will be accomplished in the following two weeks. We provide a joint review at the end with the customer – the next steps are based on this review.

Benefits of How We Manage Planning Projects:

  • A development process that always is measured based on current customer needs
  • Flexible adjustments at any time
  • Customer has greater control and more opportunities for input