Planungslösungen, die Ihr Geschäft nach vorne bringen

Verschaffen Sie sich einen Überblick über unsere Software TN Planning.


Our software solutions provide the following benefits:

  • Rapid response to changing conditions
  • User-friendliness with many planning aids
  • Centralized, secure management of your data
  • Data entry with maximum degree of freedom
  • Flexible adoption of the planning model
  • Scalability of the software


Our software provides solutions for the following applications:

Sales volume and sales revenue planning is at the heart of planning in most companies. Depending on your company and industry, it is based on products, regions, customers, or  sales channels.
Planning costs based on cost centers or cost types brings everyone together in the planning process. You can present these costs proportionally and distributed by internal cost allocation and assessments.
You can plan variable costs separately by product, region, sales channel, etc. If you are a manufacturing company, you can also access the corresponding production volume and cost planning.
Personnel costs can either be planned absolutely via staff planning, or detailed for every employee. In this case, you can control how you assign employees to cost centers at your discretion.
You can decentrally document and evaluate new investments. Automatic rules take care of the depreciation calculation and elaboration in the balance sheet and cash flow.
Along with presenting sales figures in the income statement, you can also see your planning results in the balance sheet and cash flow.
You can use our flexible contribution margin schematic to present the profit contribution based on partial planning. Alternatively, you can plan directly using contribution margins (margin planning).
You can map your company structure in a variety of ways to get a consolidated view of profits. Intercompany relationships can be easily recorded and coordinated. You can integrate your consolidation measures into the plan according to flexibly defined rules, and then automatically carry them out in Ist. You can expand these measures manually as well.
Our module for volume and margin planning, designed especially for banks, allows for branch and product-specific planning of non-cumulatives, margins, and appropriations, as well as integrated multi-year planning.
Our unique cost planning for banks and savings banks (Sparkassen) includes cost allocation and allows you to simply and clearly plan your cost details. You can automatically condense these cost details into company results.