Single Source = SAP

Integration SAP BW und TN PLanning

Integration: TN Planning with SAP NetWeaver BW

Do you value the information in your SAP system?

Our SAP-certified TN Connector for SAP NetWeaver BW allows you to use data from other applications in the SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse (SAP NetWeaver BW) without touching the data sovereignty of the Business Warehouse („single source of truth“).

Among other things, you can connect the interface SAP NetWeaver BW to TN Planning: SAP customers can then utilize the full functionality of our planning software for budgeting, forecasting or group consolidation.

  • Seamless integration into your SAP system landscape
  • Compatibility guaranteed by SAP certification
  • Fast data exchange between SAP and TN Planning
  • Compatible with SAP NetWeaver BW (7.0 and 7.30, 7.31 and 7.4)
  • Uses native SAP protocols (RFC and ABAP functions)
  • Updates SAP NetWeaver BW in realtime by directly writing in Data Store Objects (DSO)
  • Installed in a namespace in SAP NetWeaver BW (corresponding to the installation of SAP software)
  • Reads data from InfoCubes, MultiProviders, Flat Tables and Data Store Objects (DSO)
  • Reads data from queries without using SAP’s limited OLE-DB interface 
  • Filters data to reduce data volume and amount differences (e.g. to set up “only the changes since yesterday”) 
  • Provides the same access protection as SAP systems, as the access rights are taken from SAP NetWeaver BW
  • Works with “packaged data extraction“ to protect the main memory of SAP’s NetWeaver BW server 

Customer Testimonials


„TN Connector is especially powerful because it uses native SAP protocols, such as RFC and ABAP. ”

Jörg Böke, BIAnalyst GmbH