TN Planning

TN Planning is ideal for building individual planning applications that meet the highest standards. Our software is designed for mid-sized companies, as well as national and international corporations. TN Planning is used globally by over 10,000 users for progressive planning.

For smaller planning projects, we provide starter packs with a selection of functions.  Ask us about it today!


TN Planning consists of two main components: TN Navigator, the planning environment, and TN Custom Tailor, the modeling environment. Dividing it into two application layers allows for a clear separation of the model adjustments and software configuration from the controller’s planning environment.

TN Planning’s flexible system architecture can accommodate offers alternative user access. Users can, for example, work with TN Planning online or in the the Excel user interface.

Systemarchitektur von TN Planning

TN Planning’s System Architecture

Data storage (storage of facts and metadata) is based on relational databases using Microsoft SQL Server, which allows for easy integration of various ERP and BI systems.

We provide SAP customers with our SAP-certified TN Connector for SAP NetWeaver BW, which allows you to process various data formats, e.g. import csv files.

To test TN Planning’s compatibility, you will find a PDF with our system requirements on the sidebar.

TN Utilities allows you to easily integrate TN Planning into your system landscape. We also provide you with a MicroStrategy Plug-In as well as an Excel Add-In.

You can also seamlessly integrate TN Planning into company web portals and other end user systems.


Find out about TN Planning’s most important functions:

Values can be entered on all aggregation levels.

Values can be recorded as absolute values or, for example, as changes in reference values. You can also write over values that were calculated using formulas – the influencing factors will be automatically readjusted. 

Entries can also be expressed in any currency. You can set up storage in a local national currency, or use a common company currency.

Entries within summary nodes can be distributed to lower hierarchy levels, but they don’t have to be. In this way, planning for particular product groups can end on product group levels, while other product groups can be planned at the article level. Entries can also be combined, for example, to call attention to adjustments at the area level.

You can arrange the planning environment’s interface as you wish at any time. For example, you can set up individual menus or planning screens and adjust them as needed.

You can also change your planning model at any time by drag-and-drop, e.g. if you want to expand to new products, customer categories, or business branches, or even adjust the structure of your planning elements.

Any effects of plan changes on your results or other key figures will be color coded immediately after entry.
You can set single values as constants, excluding them from any automatic readjustments or distribution.
Every data entry can be undone or restored – including complex entries that often affect large amounts of data.
The TN workflow components control the processes in data entry. You can assign planning steps and release them once completed. You can also keep recorded data hidden until you choose to release it.
Any rules for protecting your data quality take effect as soon as you create them. An example is the application of internal company activity relationships.
The system can automatically log entries. You can also add comments to your changes – commenting on entire planning areas or even individual cells.
Master data integration takes place using csv files, text files, ODBC or OLE DB connections, or via the ready-made plug-ins for MicroStrategy and SAP NetWeaver BW.
Based on these interfaces, you can implement a process that compares the TN Planning master data with the data in the source system and updates it as needed. Upon request, we can set up additional automated import processes for your system.

TN Custom Tailor is your modeling environment, providing a convenient graphic interface for application configuration (general optics, user rights, instructions, etc.), as well as adjusting your planning model. You can execute all configurations with no additional programming effort.

Range of Functions

Strukturverwaltung im Custom Tailor

Structure Management in Custom Tailor

With Custom Tailor you can:

  • Create structures
  • Model data
  • Manage users and user rights
  • Create workflows
  • Integrate data
  • Calculate formulas

Customer Testimonials


„Thanks to Thinking Networks, we can now present our complex planning processes in an integrated solution. Our users are now much more flexible in their planning, especially with the addition of individually configurable planning screens and automated allocation logic. In summary, TN Planning has significantly reduced our total planning effort.”

Markus Tschumi, Director, Finance & Controlling Projects, Emmi of Switzerland

„TN Planning is a tailor-made solution for the integrated controlling of our corporate group. By bringing together controlling, extrapolation, planning and corporate consolidation into a single system, Thinking Networks has greatly reduced our coordination effort.”

Peter Tebroke, Department Head, Composite Accounting, RheinLand Versicherungs AG

„With TN Planning, our sales management can support us quickly and flexibly, so that we can reach our ambitious goals. We strive to keep our position as one of the top banks in Germany!”

Marcel Weber, Corporate Management, Sparkasse Vogtland