High Speed Multi-User Mode

in-memory technology "User Workspace"

Scheme of the co-working operations when using the in-memory technology “User Workspace”

When you have multiple users writing in a relational database at the same time, your planning performance may suffer, and your planning operation may stall.

But there is no point in burning out the database; instead, you need a solution based on the application side.


The TN Planning user workspace – as an alternative to other in-memory technologies – utilizes the memory of each computer you are using to carry out planning sessions. In this way, only the relevant data needed by the current user for the current planning task will be uploaded.

That’s how the in-memory application can remain streamlined, high-performing, and flexibly scalable.


TN Planning’s user workspaces ensure:

  • High-performing, conflict-free multi-user planning
  • A flexibly scalable application (> 1000 writing users)
  • Faster calculation of your data
  • Significantly reduced workload on your database
  • Data consistency in your database