For All Excel Fans

As a TN Planning user, you don’t have to give up your familiar Excel environment. TN Planning’s Add-In for Microsoft Excel allows you to add Microsoft Excel’s complete table calculation functionality to your TN Planning.

You can work in the Excel interface without having to physically save the necessary data in Excel. TN Planning gives you up-to-the-minute access to all your data, helping you avoid the chaotic and redundant data storage needed when using multiple personal Excel workbooks.

  • Planning in your familiar Excel environment
  • Data consistency and control – even when using Excel
  • Offline access for the road
You can access all available TN Planning cubes in your familiar Excel environment. As with a pivot query, you assign dimensions to the axes or the filter bar and define the sample values.
You can always call up all of TN Planning’s defined reports directly, getting access to queries that have already been created without any further calculations. Using One-Click-Excel, you can also open a report that is currently open in TN Planning directly in TN Excel Add-In.
Using Excel functions, you can expand all queries to rows, columns, formatting and/or formulas without losing the connection to the database. Data updates only apply to the cells that are connected to the TN Planning data; they do not affect the logics created in Excel at all.
You can write back values that were overwritten in the Excel sheet to the TN Planning database with the push of a button. In this way, you can be sure that consistency and authorization are checked, and afterwards all your queries are newly loaded.
In addition to manual data collection, you can link values using Excel formulas. This allows you to easily integrate your additional calculations (from Excel) into TN Planning.
You can use every planning screen that was generated using the TN Planning Add-In for Microsoft Excel offline for data collection, e.g. when you are on the road. Once you are back in your corporate network, you can write your plan data back into the database by pressing a button.